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Work anytime, anywhere

The Anyframe Thin Client approach allows you to work anytime, anywhere. All user information and data is stored on the Anyframe Terminal Server. The thin clients have no hard disk and boot directly from the network, loading user information and personal data from the server. Because the thin client uses the server's processing power and memory it is light-weight, silent and easy to replace.

Use any workstation

Users can roam around the office and use whatever workstation they please to logon to the server and get access to their personalized desktop. The Anyframe Terminal Server is compatible with your legacy workstations. You do not have to replace all your desktops with thin clients. Using a simple boot disk or a modified network card you can continue using your desktop computers as if they were thin clients.

Connect cross platform

Using our client application, the Anyframe Terminal Server can be accessed from various platforms. The client includes support for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Symbian OS and the Sharp Zaurus platform

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