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Centralized management

The terminal server approach allows system administrators to manage the Anyframe environment on a single system. There is no need for additional tools or software to manage thin clients. All configuration parameters can be handled using a single web based interface that is included with the Anyframe Terminal Server. Thanks to the web interface, the system can be managed remotely using any standard web browser. Furthermore there is no Linux system administration knowledge required.

Instant application deployment

Installing applications has never been so easy! Just install your application with our included tool and define which users get access to it. The application is instantaneously deployed to the user's desktop environment.

Increased helpdesk efficiency

Because of the centralized approach, problems can be handled efficiently. Staff can access the terminal server on-site or remotely and troubleshoot desktop problems. There is no need for your support team to go the workstation itself. Because all desktops environment are identical, your staff will be able to solve problems faster and more efficient. Individual users cannot install software on their own or make system configuration changes.

No client side interventions

The thin client has no data stored locally, this makes it easier in case of hardware failures. In the event of an hardware failure, the support staff can easily replace the thin client with another device. Your end-user will immediately be able to continue working without loosing valuable time.

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