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Reduced software license costs

The Anyframe environment is based on Open Source software, this means that you do not have to pay any license fees. The included productivity applications are also license free. Needless to say, this has a direct impact on the total cost of ownership of your IT environment. Only some compatibility applications may require separate licenses.

Reduced hardware costs

The Anyframe Thin Client is up to 70% cheaper than a traditional PC desktop. It also requires less maintenance than legacy desktops because it is fanless and has no moving parts. Even though using the Anyframe Thin Client is preferrable, you can continue using your legacy workstations as thin clients, increasing savings even more.

One time investment

Unlike traditional personal computers, the Anyframe Thin Client has no hardware upgrade cycle. You can continue using your thin client as long as you want, it never needs to be upgraded, because all the computing power is stored on a central server.

Reduced IT staff costs

Because the entire Anyframe environment is centralized, management is much more efficient and can be handled by fewer people. Helpdesk staff can also be reduced because client side interventions are no longer required. Thanks to increased efficiency, less personnel is required and ownership costs are lowered.

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