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Centralised approach

Anyframe's increased reliability is due to its centralised approach. All system and user data is centrally stored on the terminal server. This allows for easy backups, without user data being scattered across the network. In case of client failure, only a thin client must be replaced and user data is immediately avialable.

Thin clients

Anyframe Thin Clients have no moving parts, this means no parts which can easily break. Think of what usually breaks a desktop computer: the hard disk, power supply, ventilator. The Anyframe Thin Client has none of this, and because it has no ventilator it is completely noiseless.

High availability & load balancing

The Anyframe Terminal Server's load can be distributed across multiple servers. When redundancy is required an identical terminal server can be installed in a load balanced environment. When user load increases, applications can be off-loaded to dedicated application servers. As such, the Anyframe Terminal Server can grow together with your enterprise.

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