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What is this?
   The purpose of this site is to create a database with ratings for domains & websites. This list can then be fed into a content filtering proxy like SquidGuard to block websites based on a specific category. The generated "blacklist" is free to use for everyone.

How does it work?
   Everyone can enter a domain and/or URL in the form above, select a category and submit it for approval. This entry is then reviewed by our administrators to check for its correctness. Once the entry is approved it is automatically added to the database and can be downloaded on-line.

You are not obliged to enter both a domain name and a URL, only a domain name suffices. Try to be specific though, it is not because www.provider.com/users/johndoe provides links to MP3 sites you should class the entire www.provider.com domain as an MP3 site.

The domain name should not contain any slashes, it only consists out of a hostname.domainname.tld, eventually one or more subdomains may be included.

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