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The fastest way to connect a small network to the internet.
Useable right out of the box, the Aries is the fastest way to connect a small network to the internet. Just plug in a few cables, enter your internet settings on the front panel, and the whole office is connected to the internet in minutes. The Aries was designed for ease-of-use from hardware to software. The simple administration tools, ports and expansions slots allow for worry free maintenance so you can run your business and let the Aries run the rest.

Internet Gateway / Router
Share a single internet connection with the whole office.
Web Cache
Enhance network performance and reduce internet traffic by caching frequently accessed web pages.
E-mail Server
Consolidate and automatically send and retrieve e-mail for the whole office using preset schedules.
File Server
Provide network storage for users to share files, documents, applications and other critical data.
Web Server
Host your own website on the internet on this server. You can also host websites for your intranet.
Print Server
Share expensive peripherals such as high-speed or color laser printers.
DHCP Server
Automatically configure your network settings and services.

NAT (Network Address Translation)
Use a single IP address for the entire network. Hide computers on your private network from the public internet.
Wireless Networking (optional)
Built-in Wireless LAN Access Point software. Requires supported IEEE 802.11b WLAN PCMCIA card.
Client Support
Windows 95/98/ME/2000 clients. Apple Macintosh clients with System 7 or higher MacOS (using MacTCP or AppleOpen Transport). Linux and Unix clients.
Internet Access
Dial-up access using Serial Analog, PCMCIA Analog (V90) or Serial ISDN modem. DSL modem or router connected to Secondary Ethernet. Supports PPoE. Cable modem connected to Secondary Ethernet. T1/E1 router connected to Secondary Ethernet. Supports static or dynamic IP addresses and dial-on-demand.
Protect your network from hackers and unauthorized intruders.
System Software
Customized Linux Operating System
Network Services
Easy-to-configure packet-filtering firewall.
File and Print Services
Cross-platform file and print-sharing using SMB. Shared folder access control with ACL's.
Web Services
Apache Web Server with support for PHP scripting. Caching Web Proxy.
E-mail Services
Supports POP3, IMAP4, SMTP, Multi-drop POP. Mail queuing and scheduled mail retrieval.
System Administration
Browser-based system administration tool. Graphical LCD display and front panel controls.
Remote Access
Dial-in remote access using Serial or PCMCIA modem. Virtual Private Networking using PPTP (supports Microsoft VPN Adapter under Windows 98SE or later).
International Language Support
English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Korean, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian.