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Professional Services » File & Print Server

File and print services are an important part of the basic infrastructure in every Local Area Network (LAN). Linugen offers an Open Source solution that provides seamless integration between your Microsoft Windows, Apple Macintosh or Novell Netware clients and your Linux server. This provides you with the ability to share documents, software, printers, etc. across your network.

More than just simple file and print sharing, Linugen file & print services provide the following features:

Authentication and Authorization
Name Resolution (WINS)
Service Announcement (browsing)
Easy Management
Redundant File System
Optional Anti-Virus Solution

These services can be implemented on Linugen rackmount or deskside servers or on your existing hardware. For small to mid-sized networks Linugen offers a turnkey hardware solution called Aries, visit the Aries pages for more information.