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Network security is an important aspect of todays enterprise information technology. A good security policy consists out of user education, access control lists, operating system, applications and last but not least a stable and reliable firewall. Even though a firewall is far from the key factor of network security it should never be underestimated.

Linux is known to be a secure operating system which is the key factor of a secure firewall. That's why agencies such as the US National Security Agency (NSA) are using Linux to protect their confidential data. Not only is Linux a secure operating system, it is an ideal platform for security applications, such as a firewall. Linux offers a native firewall called Netfilter, below is an overview of its main features:

Kernel Space Packet Filtering
Stateful Packet Inspection
MAC Address Filtering
Enhanced Network Address Translation (NAT)
Rate-Limited Matching
Type of Service (TOS) Prioritization

To facilitate user friendly administration Linugen has developed a web based Policy Manager. This allows administrators to take control of the firewall rulebase through a standard browser. Needless to say the web based Policy Manager is secured using SSL certificates. In addition Linugen also offers various Intrusion Detection Systems.

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