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Over the years e-mail has become a basic part of every day business communication. Yet many companies still rely on their ISP to provide them with the necessary e-mail accounts and support, others have invested a major amount in commercial mail server licenses. Did you know that the larger part of e-mail servers on the net run Open Source software?

Linugen implements various e-mail server solutions such as Qmail, Postfix and Sendmail, only to name a few. Your entire e-mail infrastructure can be migrated transparently, all our e-mail server solutions are compatible with standard e-mail clients like Microsoft Outlook, Eudora, Netscape Messenger, etc.

Are you running Lotus Domino and want to get rid of your underlying Windows operating system? Domino can be installed on Linux without any problems. Our system engineers will be glad to help you implement it.

Here is an overview of e-mail solutions we offer:

SSL Encryption
Web Based Management Interface
Web Based Mail Access
E-mail Virus Scanning
Mailing List Management
SPAM Filters
Lotus Domino

These services can be implemented on Linugen rackmount or deskside servers or on your existing hardware. For small to mid-sized networks Linugen offers a turnkey hardware solution called Aries, visit the Aries pages for more information.