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Professional Services » Proxy Server

While more and more companies offer their employees internet access on the desktop, management of network traffic becomes equally important. A proxy server acts as a gateway between the internet and your corporate network. The proxy server caches data to speed up web page delivery, logs data on websites visited and offers additional security measures.

Linugen's Proxy server allows you to restrict access to certain websites, speed up traffic using caching, log information and get statistical data. Below is a short overview of its features:

Extensive Access Controls
Transparent Caching & Cache Hierarchies
Proxying and Caching for HTTP, FTP and other URI's
HTTP Server Acceleration
DNS Lookup Caching
URL & Content Filtering
Real-time Logging & Reporting
ICP, HTCP, CARP, Cache Digests
Support for Cisco WCCP

These services can be implemented on Linugen rackmount or deskside servers or on your existing hardware. For small to mid-sized networks Linugen offers a turnkey hardware solution called Aries, visit the Aries pages for more information.