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A complete security policy includes regular penetration tests during which you try to locate new holes in your security policy. These holes can be improperly configured rulesets in the firewall, application vulnerabilities, weak passwords, etc. New security exploits are released daily and keeping up with them is a full-time job.

The costs of a successful intrusion can be enormous: loss of confidential data, outage of networked servers and a smeared company image. Linugen's Security Experts Team is trained to find network vulnerabilities before they arise. Allowing you to close the gap before less ethical hackers try to exploit it.

Linugen performs both internal and external security assessments. The resulted report contains the following data:

Management report with graphs
Overview of security holes classified by security level
Detailed vulnerability description
Links to information on-line
Conclusion and advice

If your company does not have the required skills to close the vulnerabilities, Linugen's security experts are available to help you secure your network and put a good security policy in place.