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Professional Services » Virtual Private Network

A VPN or Virtual Private Network (sometimes referred to as IP-VPN) is a virtual connection - usually over the internet - that connects two or more remote networks. The security of this virtual network is guaranteed by multiple encryption and compression measures. Needless to say this is a popular solution in corporate environments.

Linugen VPN service allows companies to build global intranets, share data, send e-mail within the security of a private network. Costs are cut down to 90% of traditional leased lines or frame relay. Connecting your remote company offices can be done in a matter of hours. No special hardware is required, the Linugen VPN server can connect to your existing phone or leased line, cable or ADSL connection.

Our VPN solution comes with integrated encryption up to 2048 bit, an algorithm mostly used by military or government organizations which has never been cracked before. Even your home working employees can enjoy the benefits of a Linugen VPN, all they need to do is dial-in to their local internet provider to get access to your network, printers and servers.

Industry-strength encryption
Seamless network integration
PPTP, SSL/TLS or IPSec encryption techniques
Check Point VPN-1 compatible
Optional 24/7 network monitoring

These services can be implemented on Linugen rackmount or deskside servers or on your existing hardware. For small to mid-sized networks Linugen offers a turnkey hardware solution called Aries One, secured by Check Point. Visit the Aries One pages for more information.