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Business Solutions

Linugen has embraced Open Source software (OSS) since the very beginning. Not only do we use OSS for our infrastructure services such as web, e-mail and file & print servers but for our operational applications as well. Linugen has developed a number of web based applications, to optimize several business processes in your enterprise. Thanks to the web based environment our applications run on any type of server and can be accessed with any type of operating system. This allows you to use your application anytime, anywhere.

Because our applications are licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL), they are free to use, modify and redistribute. This puts you in control over the application. We hear you say: "How do you make money then?". Because we programmed the application, we know it best. That's why we offer several support, training and integration services for each application. If you don't have skilled developers to adapt the application to your needs, we can develop custom modules for your business. If you don't know how to install the application, we can deliver it as a turn-key solution, hardware included.

Of course we expect you to turn to us for installation, training, support and development. But since there is no lock-in, you are free to go where you want. Here's a summary of our OSS applications:

Sipcat VoIP software