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Linugen BackPass
 »» Unique password generation using standard cell phone
 »» Replaces expensive token-based systems
 »» Manageable through secured web based interface
 »» Supports remote management with cell phone

Secure authentication is a key factor in a secure networking environment. At first it seems options are limited when it comes to secure authentication, a lot of companies use token-based hardware keys to generate a one-time login code for a system or service. These devices are generally expensive and difficult to manage.

Linugen came up with the revolutionary solution to use your cell phone as authentication device. With Linugen BackPass™ token-based authentication becomes a thing of the past. Through its secure web-based interface BackPass allows you to manage user authentication at the click of a button.

Linugen BackPass allows you to generate a unique login password each time a user wants to authenticate. BackPass enables you to link usernames to caller id's, as such a user can only use the cell phone that has been assigned to him or her. The secured web-based interface allows you to set time-out values when a password expires, disable users, limit access to certain resources, etc.

The steps below explain the authentication procedure, once a user has been defined in the BackPass administraton console.

User requests password with cellphone using its personal access code
BackPass engine checks caller id and matches password
If access is granted BackPass sends personal password
Optionally BackPass can set an expiration timeout for the password
User authenticates to the system or service using generated password.

If you wish you can enable CellManage, which allows your network administrator to manage users using his or her cellphone. Unlocking users, creating new user id's, changing password can now be done anytime, anywhere.

Linugen offers a turn-key BackPass Server solution. This offer includes a BackPass server, web-based interface, cellular modem and one day on-site training. Linugen also offers 24/7 BackPass support if required.