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Linugen KICKweb
 »» Point-and-click kickstart script creation
 »» Runs on virtually every webserver
 »» Supports advanced kickstart options

The deployment of large quantities of Linux servers can be a tiresome job. Manually configuring each machine is error prone and time consuming. Due to the need for automated installation, Red Hat has created the kickstart installation method. With this method, a system administrator can create a single file containing the answers to all the questions that would normally be asked during a typical Red Hat Linux installation.

As an interface to Red Hat's kickstart, Linugen developed Linugen KICKweb™. Thanks to KICKweb you do not need to know the many configuration parameters by heart. KICKweb presents you the various kickstart possibilities in a userfriendly web page. All you need to do is select the appropriate items and press the button. KICKweb will automatically generate the correct kickstart file.

KICKweb is used by companies all over the world, among which are Merill Lynch one of the world largest financial institutes.