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Linugen Nextime
 »» Web based time registration and management
 »» Integrated absence and holiday requests
 »» Embedded time synchronization
 »» Report generation in HTML and PDF

Because more and more companies implement teleworking solutions, convential clocking devices for time registration are not always sufficient. Yet, time registration becomes an important factor when working in flexible timeschedules. A time registration tool will not only allow your employees to manage their time, but will also aid the HR department with the processing of these data.

Linugen Nextime™ will help you effectively manage employee time schedules while saving work processing them. Because of its web based interface employees can access time data anywhere, anytime wether they are working in the office or at home. Management of holiday and absence requests becomes a trivial task, because your HR department can immediately respond and process the data.

The report generation function allows you to export timesheets in various popular formats such as HTML and PDF. You can even import Nextime's data directly into your billing application. Linugen can also develop custom export filters for your company applications. Here is an overview of some of Nextime's features:

Web-based interface allows access from anywhere, anytime
SQL database backend with multiple export functionalities
Centralized user and time database
Embedded absence and holiday request function
User friendly document generation
Runs on virtually every web server and platform